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I have an 17 year old son that is in 11th grade. Am Merried but soon be divorced cus not happy with him at all. This why looking for new love in my life. Am not working right when am on social social and welfare. Am a sweet loving woman with a good heart i dont need no bull shit in my life with am serious.
HighSchool: Roosevelt Alternative School
Music: Hip hop R&B love music little bit of rock & little bit of country.
Sports: I like kick ball and vally ball plus taking walks.
Interests: Looking for true friends and internet as will.
Movies: Let's see wat movies i like... Horrors & Comdy, Action.
BestFeatures: If your not my true friend than dont bother being a true friend to me at all.
Dreams: I hope i can search for my true friend if not than i aint worry.

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